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About us

Hills Gold Global is a business venture with a clear vision to become known for fine foods in the Indian and International markets. Hills Gold Global is based in Pune, the vibrant metropolis and hub for business, education, IT, industry, tourism and much more. Pune is about 150 km from Mumbai by road and a short flight away. It has an international airport with good connectivity and is a city preferred by the business community to work and even reside in, given the wonderful weather that exists all-year round.


The owner and business head is a dynamic entrepreneur Deepak Lalwani. He is a qualified commerce graduate with sales & marketing background and several years of experience in dealing with premium and branded consumer products, both food and non-food. His keen interest in genuine, high-quality food products that provide great value for money and 100% guarantee to consumers, resulted in creating the name Hills Gold. His vision is to make Hills Gold Global a trusted platform for traders and consumers seeking the finest quality Saffron, both for the Indian domestic market and global markets. His personal values of quality and integrity are the same core values that propels the business forward.

He is assisted by Lakhi Sawlani, a veteran in global food sector, having managed several food businesses and food brands over the years. He has a long experience in Saffron marketing and deep expertise in Saffron quality control. His passion for pure, natural and high quality Saffron, coupled with his zeal for hygiene and food safety aspects, raises the bar on product excellence.


The name HILLS GOLD is a brand of the future that the most discerning traders and consumers will recognize as genuine and trusted products. The word “Hills” symbolizes nature and natural foods, and “Gold” symbolizes premium and quality foods.

The brand ASRIKA (Saffron in Sanskrit) is a premium brand of Saffron. There are 3 variants, differentiated by quality of filaments.

  • Uttam: This is perfect for those users seeking the finest quality. Consisting of long filaments, mostly joined in 2’s and 3’s, it is also suitable for gift-giving to loved ones and corporate gifts.
  • Khoob: This is ideal for those users seeking the finest quality, but prefer single filaments, suitable for garnishing and personal use.
  • Anmol: This is suitable for those seeking a fine quality, slightly darker single filaments, suitable for garnishing and personal use.


The brand TAVISSA (meaning energy) is a fine quality product with a single variant as follows:

  • Khaas: This is best-suited for those users who do not need long filaments, but only a quick and strong infusion. The filaments are pre-cut, so that the infusion develops rapidly.


We aim to provide reliable quality of service on a consistent basis. We love to listen to feedback and suggestions from our customers and associates to eliminate issues faced by customers and be the most preferred partner. Our single-minded aim is to always ensure that our Saffron is sourced from the very best Saffron farms and from approved sources, then handled with utmost care at each step of the processing, grading, packaging and supply chain. This guarantees that only the very best quality product reaches the consumer.

Saffron (Kesar)