Hills Gold Global provides only the finest quality Saffron, a valued product that is an important part of the culture and tradition of India.

Saffron (Kesar)

Saffron or Kesar is the name given to the three red dried stigmas attached to a yellow style, part of the flower of the plant Crocus Sativus Linneaus. Saffron is also referred to as “Red Gold” and is considered as a precious spice, used to make recipes extra-special. Saffron is mainly added to recipes to enhance them during special occasions. It is also used extensively in milk, tea, coffee and other beverages. Saffron is a highly valued gift and when presented to an elder is considered a sign of respect. At Hills Gold Global, we understand the nature of saffron and take extra precautions to ensure that the saffron supplied by us is 100% genuine and guaranteed pure.

  • ISO-3632 Category-1
  • High levels of natural color, aroma and flavor
  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • Long red stigmas (filaments), mostly in 3’s, joined at the base by a small yellow style

The brand ASRIKA (Saffron in Sanskrit) is a premium brand of Saffron. There are 3 variants, differentiated by quality of filaments.

Uttam: This is perfect for those users seeking the finest quality. Consisting of long filaments, mostly joined in 2’s and 3’s, it is also suitable for gift-giving to loved ones and corporate gifts.
Asrika Uttam 0.5g at
Asrika Uttam 1.0g at
Khoob: This is ideal for those users seeking the finest quality, but prefer single filaments, suitable for garnishing and personal use.
Asrika Khoob 0.5g at
Asrika Khoob 1.0g at
Anmol: This is suitable for those seeking a fine quality, flat, slightly darker single filaments, suitable for garnishing and personal use.
Asrika Anmol 0.5g at
Asrika Anmol 1.0g at



The brand TAVISSA (meaning energy) is a fine quality product with a single variant as follows:

Khaas: This is best-suited for those users who do not need long filaments, but only a quick and strong infusion. The filaments are pre-cut, so that the infusion develops rapidly.
Tavissa Khaas 0.5g at
Tavissa Khaas 1.0g at


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Our Saffron is 100% guaranteed pure, comprising of fine quality filaments, as per Indian Standards IS-5453 and International Standards ISO-3632 norms. Our Saffron is carefully selected from the best saffron gardens that provide filaments having high level of natural color, flavor and aroma. Our Saffron brands comes in attractive premium food grade HDPE jars. In addition, Hills Gold Global follows highest food safety and hygiene practices, and is HACCP and ISO-22000 certified.

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Saffron Tips

When doing sampling and comparison with other brands, you can do the following simple test:

  • Take 2 white bowls, filled with some water, one should be hot and other at room temperature. Place about 3 filaments of saffron in each. Observe the infusion developing over next 15-20 mins. The infusion at room temperature should develop very slowly (sign of good and pure saffron). Infusion in hot water should develop a bit quicker than the one at room temperature, but not instantly (instantly & rapidly developing infusion at room temperature or in hot water is a sign of possibility that artificial color may be present). After about 20 mins the infusion should have a beautiful golden color.
  • Another physical check for good quality saffron (having filaments mostly in 3’s) is to very delicately tug the filaments from the bunch, without breaking them. You will notice that the filaments are mostly joint at the base with a small yellow part. The ends that are not joined should be trumpet-shaped. After soaking when the infusion is developed, the filaments increase in length from about 2 cm to 3-4 cm and their color changes from dark maroon to bright red (bright red is the color of saffron at time of harvesting from the saffron flowers ie. before drying and packing).
  • You can also compare the saffron aroma by bringing your face close to the saffron and taking a slow and deep breath from your nose with mouth closed. If the aroma is pleasant it’s a sign of good quality saffron. As quality decreases, aroma becomes unpleasant.
  • Flavor of genuine saffron is best experienced when soaked in hot or warm liquid and will be delicate and not strong.

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Saffron (Kesar)